Eventica will bring together the leaders in sports industry in Beijing

During his visit to China for the World Football Forum press-conference, Sergei Kolushev, Eventica CEO, was interviewed by the country’s main state broadcaster, CCTV to discuss his role as Co-Chairman of the Sport and Healthy Lifestyle Council of the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development.

In the extended interview, he shared his impressions on his visit to China; he spoke about the crucial China – Korea Republic FIFA World Cup qualifier which took place on 23 March; he shared Eventica’s plans for the World Football Forum, taking place in China on 18-21 May; also the new initiative of the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development - the Russian-Chinese Sports Partnership Forum, which will coincide with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Beijing in May.

In the interview, Sergei Kolushev said: “We have many plans together and we will be able to reveal them at the Russia-Chinese Sports Partnership Forum. Russia attaches great importance to this business event, and we expect that the Forum will bring together leading representatives from sport, government, the business community and media. In addition, the event will provide unparalleled networking opportunities with the organizers of the Winter Olympic Games in China, and allow us to extend the parameters of Russian-Chinese cooperation deep into the sports industry, technology, sports education and beyond”.